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Question   Wonderful pictures...
Stumbled across your website.... I've never seen such beautiful photography...

Keep up the good work...

God Bless,,,


- rick c February 25, 2013

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Question   Jesus
I love Jesus too:) My name is Susan and you have been inquiring about my house in Stagecoach. I love your photos! My 17 year old daughter (Sarah) is very interested in photography too... God Bless

- Susan Ransom September 16, 2012

  Answer Susan, so glad that you enjoyed my photos. Blessings on your daughters pursuit of photography for fun or a business. BetterPhoto.com is a great place to get all kinds of opportunities.

God bless you too.

- Sheri Camarda  October 09, 2012

  Answer Hi Susan! Nice to meet you! Would loved to have been in Stagecoach but.....Thanks for viewing my photos. I love sharing. God bless Sarah on her interest in photography. God bless you too. Keep in touch.


- Sheri Camarda  October 10, 2012

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Question   Photos
Sheri, your photography is just beautiful. What a wonderful God we have that lets us enjoy His beautiful creation.

-  February 05, 2012

  Answer Amen Billy. There is so much beauty in His creation and what a blessing He has given us to be able to see it, appreciate it and capture it on camera so others will be blessed as well. Giving all glory to God. Billy, you are one of the great gifted photographers out there. PTL and thank you for viewing mine. God continue to bless. In Him Sheri

- Sheri Camarda  February 07, 2012

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Question   Majestic photos
Greetings Sheri!The Lord is so wonderful!Soooo many beautiful pictures!You are so creative!God bless you in all you get to do for him:)Let us magnify the Lord together!Hallelua! Peace and love forever in Jesus ,sister Pam

- Pam Proper November 09, 2011

  Answer Bless you too dear sister.

- Sheri Camarda  November 26, 2011

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Question   WOW
Wow Sheri....
Each photo is beautiful!
Love them all!
Bless you,

- Agnes Peterse November 02, 2011

  Answer Thank you Agnes. God is so awesome in His creation. Blessings to you too.

- Sheri Camarda  November 03, 2011

  Answer Praise GOD, What a GOD created everything for HIS Glory, Great Photography,,, Thanks Sheri Sister for posting,, I enjoyed a lot with these Photos.. Glory to GOD.. Kota from India

- Satyanarayana kota  May 19, 2012

  Answer Praise God Kota for viewing my web page. Giving God all the glory along with you. Bless you dear one.

- Sheri Camarda  July 18, 2012

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